President PML Balochistan

QUETTA: Our brothers, people of Zhob, tribal elders and youth have given decision in favour of our caravan of progress and prosperity because it is Spokesman of People of Zhob.

These views were expressed by President PML Balochistan, a candidate on PA constituency PB19 ZhobII and national Assembly seat NA264 Shaikh Jaffar Mandokhel while speaking to different tribal and delegations and a representative delegation of youth here Wednesday.

He said we have secured success during the past 20 years for progress of Zhob and prosperity of its people despite severe opposition of opponent elements and hurdles and paved way for development of the area.

He aid our slogan today is Prosperous Zhob and would remain the same in coming days. We are happy we have come to the field again with clear position and with credit of service of masses in our area.

He said this caravan had laid foundation 20 years ago for development and with grace of Almighty Allah numerous projects have been completed benefitting the people.

He said political opportunists and opponents to people’s progress and prosperity are in the field to create hatred among the people. But we would win success with the support of our people.

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