Protest demonstration against desecration of Bibi Zainab’s mazar

QUETTA: Balochistan Shia Conference staged a protest demonstration in front of Nichari imam bargah Alamdar road here Sunday against attack at the mazar of Bibi Zainab RA by terrorists in Syria.

Protestors shouted slogans against terrorism and in support of holy shrines.

Addressing protestors Shia conference leader Syed Daud Agha and other said that attack on Bibi Zainab is condemnable. It is extremely regretful. Government should protest at the official and diplomatic level over it. Those involved should be arrested and punished sternly.

They said we should get untied over such ugly incidents. If it was not done Allah forbid terrorists can attack Holy Kaaba someday.

They said Ulema should gather nation and Ummah and protest this ugly incident so that terrorists could know Ummah is united.

Later protestors dispersed peacefully shouting slogans against the incident.

Shia Ulema Council and Hazara Qaumi Jirga also staged a protest demonstration in front of Press Club. Participants carried placards inscribed with slogans against attack on mazar of Bibi Zainab in Syria.

Speaking on the occasion Ulema said that attack on mazar of granddaughter of Holy prophet Peace Be upon Him is cowardice act. Islam is alive in the world owing to her sacrifices. Her sacrifices are respected by all schools of thought. Attackers attacked her mazar by raising slogan of Allah o Akbar Allah is the greatest. This means it was the same group which martyred grandson of Holy Prophet in Karbala. They said whatever was happening in Syria today it may have spill over to other countries

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