PTI determined to set up provincial govt. in Federal Capital: Hashmi

Islamabad: Pakistan TehreekeInsaf PTI President and candidate for NA48 Makhdoom Javed Hashmi on Tuesday vowed that the PTI after coming into power would setup provincial government in the federal capital so that the longawaiting critical problems and the prevailing disenchantment and disappointment among the dwellers of the metropolitan city of Islamabad could be resolved forthwith.

Addressing various public gatherings during his stormy visit of various places of the federal capital, Hashmi said that the PTI believed in devolution of power to the gross roots level, therefore, the party would hold local body elections across the country within 90 days of assuming power so that the problems being faced by the masses could be resolved on a warfooting.

PTI President said that his party would turn tables over its opponents in the forthcoming elections with massive public support and the passion of the youth, as PTI Chairman Imran Khan was the only true leader who could bring about a real change in the country. PTI central leaders Dr. Shahzad Wasim, Ali Awan, Raja Khurram Nawaz, Malik Sajid and others were also present on the occasion.

Hashmi said the winds of change had started blowing and change could not be stopped by any force, as the passion and spirit of audience in the PTI’s jalsas were enough to believe that the povertystricken and inflationridden masses were sick of the old parties, who are playing a game of wheel chairs by ruling the country turn by turn, who had no concern with masses issues rather they were busy in minting money to increase their banks balance.

Turning down the possibility of postponement of the forthcoming elections, PTI stalwart categorically stated that it would be disastrous for the country and his party would not let anyone to do so, adding that the coming elections would change the fate of the nation, as the people were impatiently waiting for May 11. “The voters of federal capital are well educated. They are wellaware about my sacrifices for welfare of the people of Pakistan and the revival of democracy that is why I am confident that I will win from NA48 with majority votes,” Javed Hashmi vowed.

He said that Islamabad being a capital of Pakistan was representative of all provinces. He said that the residents of the federal capital were facing numerous problems such as clean drinking water, sanitation, tenants and owners of private properties issues, so what to talk about rest of the country. “I know how many people have not yet been handed over plots despite the fact that they have paid the amount to the CDA years back. The CDA has messed with the lives of the people and we will install CDA chief on the basis of elections,” he added.

The PTI President said that such a country where the inhabitants of its federal capital were disappointed and were struggling for their basic rights could never make progress in the comity of nations, adding that he would leave no stone unturned to resolve their mounting problems after electing from here.

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