Rats cause trouble in Naundero

NAUNDERO: Availability of rats in large numbers in houses, shops and in the fields have made the lives of people here miserable and the concerned government authorities have done nothing to prevent them so far. According to Iqbal Memon, a vegetable vendor, who is residing in Kertia locality, his 2years daughter Soonh was sleeping in the home on a cot at night three days before when a rate cut his foot-finger and added that two days before he was bitten in his hand by a rat when he was sleeping over a cot.

He told PPI that rats have become a hazard in Naundero town and they cannot sleep even during daylight not to talk of nights. He further said that after these two incidents he went to purchase an insecticide from a shopkeeper which is used for killing these rats. He mixed it with tomato and threw in the hideouts of the rats and next day he found 17 dead rats which is enough proof that their population has grown up very rapidly without any check by the concerned authorities. He further informed that two days before two newly born babies were brought at the private clinic of a doctor when his sister visited him for check up, whose faces were tarnished and bitten by the rats and both of them died.

Another incident which has been reported belongs to a journalist of a Sindhi daily newspaper who was sleeping in Benazir Bhutto Press Club in Naundero and he too was bitten in his finger due to which it started bleeding profusely. These are enough incidents of rats bitten cases for the government to act without wasting further time. Shopkeepers are the worst affected community as almost all their commodities are affected and destroyed by the rats.

A Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Irshad Ahmed, told PPI that during second world war millions of people had died due to sudden outburst of Plague disease which was detected later on and affected the mankind that it was because of rats.

He said it is the prime responsibility of concerned municipal authorities & district administration to keep their respective areas neat & clean. He said that for eradicating rats menace insecticides should be sprayed properly & regularly. He also said that it is also the responsibility of the citizens not to throw food or other eatables in the streets and keep food open in their respective homes and added due to these things rats are attracted.
People of Naundero have demanded of the concerned authorities to remove this menace immediately.

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