Sports: Swimming: PSB forces National Swimming C’ship to postpone

Karachi: The National Swimming Championships 2013 scheduled to be held at the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Swimming Pool Complex from October 24 – 27, has now been postponed after PSB officials refused to let PSB venue be used for the event.

“We had earlier received written approval and consent to provide the facilities from PSB. All outstation teams from the affiliated units have already departed for Islamabad to participate in the Championship. This is ridiculous as we are unable to hold the event even after preparing everything and spending our resources,” Pakistan Swimming Federation (PSF) Secretary Veena Masud said on Wednesday.

She added that the new dates for the championship would be issued after consultation with all units.

“PSB has lost the true spirit ethics of sports and are punishing the talent that will bring glory to our country. Sports have the ingredients that could solve the major frustration of our youth that will take them away from unhealthy activities and give them honour and a sense of self esteem. However, PSB is just taking that away when it should have been promoting it,” she lamented.

This incident is a part of power struggle between Arif Hasan led Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) and PSB backed parallel POA headed by Akram Sahi.

PSF has been supporting Arif Hasan and probably the alleged withdrawal of the venue at the eleventh hour from PSB is a part of that rivalry.

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