Various city delegations meet KWSB MD, discuss problems

KARACHI: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB Misbahuddin Farid met delegations from Malir, Model Colony, Khokhra Par, Pak Kausar Colony, Clifton, Kazimabad and adjoining areas and discussed their problems with him, in different meetings.

Farid issued several notices regarding problems to concerned officers in order to ensure that the problems are resolved in a swift manner.

Speaking to delegations from Malir, Khokhrapar and adjoining areas he said that 36 inch Water Supply Line from Pipri to Malir, initiated by Ex City Nazim, is entering its final phases. With the completion of this project 10 million gallons of additional supply would be available brining total supply up to 25 million gallons daily, eliminating water shortage in these areas.

He said that Malir and various Villages in its surrounding are one of the oldest city areas and providing tap water to the residents of these areas is KWSB’s first and far most priority. We are striving to ensure swift provision of water supply within our limited resources, he added.

Kazimabad delegation led by Muhammad Qalandar Khan briefed MD KWSB that due to illegal connections in the main supply line, area residents are suffering from water shortage. MD KWSB directed DMD TS, Chief Engineers and Executive Engineers to attend to these complaints and compile a detailed report of illegal connections for further action in order to ensure swift provision of water in the area.

MD KWSB also directed that a report of bulk water supply to Jinnah Garden should be compiled on the basis of total number of connections, number of illegal connections and number of defaulting connections and submitted for further action. He said that KWSB disconnects all illegal connections as per its policy. He said that he would personally inspect Kazimabad and adjoining areas to ensure that the complaints have been attended. The delegation thanked Farid for taking personal interest in their problems and resolving them.

Furthermore, Farid directed all Chief Engineers and Executive Engineers to visit their relevant areas and resolve public complaints by coordinating with elected representatives and area residents. He directed that valve operations must be monitored, schedules must be posted in all pumping stations and water should be supplied through fair distribution policy.

He said that KWSB must ensure fair supply during Ramazan. Complaints would neither be neglected nor tolerated and concerned engineers would be held responsible for delay in supply. CM Sindh has also directed the same and KWSB field staff must fulfil their duties with honesty, KWSB Chief concluded.

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