Weather: Rain with snowfall expected

Islamabad: According to metrological department rain with snowfall was expected on the hills of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) during the next 24 hours. Different parts of the country‚ meanwhile were in the grip of severe cold wave with minimum temperature of minus 14 recorded in Skardu.

Minimum temperature recorded in Astore was -13ºC‚ Parachinar -10ºC‚ Hunza -8ºC‚ Gupis -7ºC‚ Kalat -5ºC‚ Drosh and Bunji minus -4ºC‚ Gilgit -3ºC and Chitral and Quetta -2ºC. Shallow foggy conditions would likely to prevail over few plain areas of Punjab during morning time.

QUETTA: Quetta valley and major parts of Balochistan are in grip of rain and hills
Islamabad: According to met office widespread thunderstorm/rain with snowfall over the hills is expected in
Karachi: The Met Office has forecast cloudy or partly cloudy weather with chances of thunderstorm/rain