Worst energy crisis creating problems, says Ishaq Butt

Sialkot: Chairman of All Pakistan Dry Ports Association Muhammad Ishaq Butt has expressed grave concern over the worsening energy crisis in the country.

Talking to the media persons in Sialkot office he said that our country has been in severe grip of electricity crisis since the last five years and the previous government failed to address the issue.

In fact the load shedding period increased from 8 to 16 hours a day bringing all economic, industrial and agricultural progress to a standstill.

Muhammad Ishaq Butt, who is also the Chairman of Sialkot Dry Port Trust, said that the average citizen has become frustrated and being mentally affected for not having any recreation by watching TV program etc.

He revealed that the exports were on decline and unemployment is on the rise. Doesn’t this scenario warrants sue motto action by honourable Chief Justice of Supreme Court, the only hope to immediately investigate and address the issue in order to provide relief to 187 million citizens of this poor country.

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