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January 24, 2022

Break-Through Ultra-Precision Machining Platform Enables Realization of Next Generation AR/VR/MR, Camera Module, and Electric Vehicle Optical Designs

This highly anticipated 250UPL MP ultra-precision machining platform release from Moore Nanotechnology Systems addresses the growing need for flawless machining of lens-mold tooling for the booming demand in AR/VR/MR, smart-phone cameras, and electric vehicle markets. This solution delivers previously unimaginable sub-nanometer surface finish results with near-perfect form. SWANZEY, N.H., Jan.

‫گھریلو آلات کے برانڈ چِک (CHiQ) کو جی ٹی بی ایوارڈز کی تقریب میں ٹاپ 10 کنزیومر الیکٹرانکس برانڈ کے طور پر تسلیم کر لیا گیا

لاس ویگاس، 24جنوری 2022 /پی آر نیوز وائر/ — 2021-2022 گلوبل ٹاپ برانڈز (جی ٹی بی) ایوارڈز کی تقریب میں 5 سے 7 جنوری تک لاس ویگاس، سی ای ایس 2022 میں منعقد ہوئی، گھریلو آلات کے اعلیٰ درجے کے برانڈ چِک کو 2021-2022 کے لئے ٹاپ 10 کنزیومر الیکٹرانکس برانڈز میں سے نامزد کیا […]

Pakistan’s Medical Imports Surged 475% in First Half of FY22

The import of COVID vaccines and various relevant medicines to deal with the pandemic has put significant pressure on the country’s trade deficit.Pakistan’s import bill of medicinal products swelled by 475% or 4.75 times to $3.1 billion, mainly due to …

Kamran Akmal & Arshad Iqbal’s Replacements for PSL 2022 Announced

Pakistan Super League 2022 Technical Committee met on Monday to discuss matters relating to the PCB’s marquee event. With PSL 7 a few days away, all the activities and arrangements are at their peak.Since the preparations for the country’s biggest cric…


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